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Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child
Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child

An important 2014 book by James Kenny, PhD and Peter Kenny, JD.

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Searching for Permanence Following a complaint of abuse or neglect, the CPS (Child Protection Services) worker is required to investigate immediately. If the abuse/neglect is substantiated, four future directions or choices present themselves. Read more
A Permanent Home Working to provide a stable home from which a child can grow is the best thing foster parents can do. Read more
Don't Make Kids Wait

Waiting is painful, even torturous for adults. Ignorant of the outcome, one is likely to imagine every possibility, and especially the worst.

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Pseudo-Permanency Plans Reunification and adoption are the only true permanent solutions. Read more
What to Do When Foster Care Goes on and on and no TPR is Filed What happens if the state does not follow the law about a foster child? What can be done? How does a foster parent who is willing to adopt get the state to move? Read more
Emancipation Means Homelessness and Pat O'Brien is Doing Something Half the homeless population is made up of foster care dischargees. In a nutshell, emancipation does not work. Read more
Contingency Planning Every important plan should have a backup. Read more
Kin-Come-Lately Bonding, when it has time to occur, IS a relationship. Bonded persons are related. That is why bonding is a stronger relationship than a mere genetic connection. Read more
Foster Children Underserved, Especially Minorities Minority children are overrepresented and underserved in the child welfare system. Read more

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