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Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child
Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child

An important 2014 book by James Kenny, PhD and Peter Kenny, JD.

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Give 'em Hell, Harry The U.S. foster care system is said to be improving, but has anyone asked their customers? The facts on the ground are not what they seem on paper. As Truman responded to a question about political realities: “I never did give them Hell, I just told them the truth and they thought it was Hell!” Read more
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A Permanent Home Working to provide a stable home from which a child can grow is the best thing foster parents can do. Read more
Don't Make Kids Wait

Waiting is painful, even torturous for adults. Ignorant of the outcome, one is likely to imagine every possibility, and especially the worst.

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Making Your Voice Count Foster parents are the only players who have 24/7 day-after-day knowledge of the children in their home. They know and they care and they must have input. Read more
A Voice for Foster Parents Advocating for the foster child is one of the duties of a foster parent. Common sense dictates that they should have certain rights in order to fulfill this duty. Read more
Keeping a Journal The written word has power. Foster parents need to keep a record. The strongest material you can have in defending against allegations or advocating for your foster child is a well-documented daily journal. Read more
Preparing a Life Book How can foster parents “listen” to their new arrival? One good way is to work with the child to prepare a story of the child's past. Called a Life Book.... Read more

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