Adoption and Foster Care Reporting and Analysis System (AFCARS)

These two websites provide statistics on foster care, adoptions from foster care, and foster/adopt parents nationwide and state-by-state. AFCARS provides this critical date to federal, state, and private agencies.

NOTE: The data does not include private adoptions. The Administration for Children & Families(ACF), operating as the Children's Bureau, uses the data in its annual report to Congress.

Another AFCARS website, provided by Cornell University, offers the same statistics/reports as ACF (same numbers), but is more specific and technical (more categories) and just as up to date.

Cornell AFCARS

Fostering Families Today Magazine
Fostering Families Today magazine is about you: the parents, children and dedicated professionals of foster care and domestic adoption.

Casey Family Programs
1300 Dexter Avenue
North Floor 3
Seattle, WA 98109-3542
Casey Family Programs' mission is to provide and improve and ultimately to prevent the need for foster care. Established by United Parcel Service founder Jim Casey, we are a Seattle-based national operating foundation that has served children, youth, and families in the child welfare system since 1966. We operate in two ways. We provide direct services, and we promote advances in child-welfare practice and policy. We collaborate with foster, kinship, and adoptive parents to provide safe, loving homes for youth in our direct care. We also collaborate with counties, states, and American Indian and Alaska Native tribes to improve services and outcomes for the more than 500,000 young people in out-of-home care across the U.S.

Foster Parent Network
We are a web site devoted entirely to helping foster parents do the difficult, yet vital, job of caring for foster kids. On this site you will find information about: Starting, leading and facilitating foster parent support groups; online courses; discussion and chat groups; relevant web site; resources.

Foster Family Treatment Association
294 Union Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
FFTA is committed to enhancing the lives of children within families through strengthening family-based organizations.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Children's Bureau
Administration on Children, Youth, and Families
1250 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20024
The Children's Bureau (CB) is the oldest federal agency for children and is located within the United States Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families. It is responsible for assisting States in the delivery of child welfare services - services designed to protect children and strengthen families. The agency provides grants to States, Tribes and communities to operate a range of child welfare services including child protective services (child abuse and neglect) family preservation and support, foster care, adoption and independent living. In addition, the agency makes major investments in staff training, technology and innovative programs.

Child Welfare League of America
440 First Street, NW, Third Floor
Washington, DC 20001-2085
The Child Welfare League of America is the nation's oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organization. We are committed to engaging people everywhere in promoting the well-being of children, youth and their families, and protecting every child from harm.

National Foster Parent Association
2021 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 800-557-5238
Fax : 253-853-4001
E-mail: [email protected]
The National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization established in 1972, with tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. The purpose of NFPA is:

  • To bring together foster parents, agency representatives and community people who wish to work together to improve the foster care system and enhance the lives of all children and families.
  • To promote mutual coordination, cooperation and communication among foster parents, Foster Parent Associations, child care agencies and other child advocates
  • To encourage the recruitment and retention.

AdoptUSKids- The Children's Bureau is a national photo listing service for children awaiting adoption across the United States. You may "Meet the Children" by searching our photolisting.

North American Council on Adoptable Children
970 Raymond Avenue, Suite 106
St. Paul, MN 55114
phone: 651-644-3036
fax: 651-644-9848
Founded in 1974 by adoptive parents, the North American Council on Adoptable Children is committed to meeting the needs of waiting children and the families who adopt them. Since its inception, NACAC's mission has remained essentially unchanged: Every child has the right to a permanent family. The Council advocates the right of every child to a permanent, continuous, nurturing and culturally sensitive family.

The Dave Thomas Foundation
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to increasing the adoptions of the more than 150,000 children in North America's foster care system. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's International, created the Foundation in 1992 in support of the vision that every child deserves a permanent home and a loving family. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption focuses on increasing adoption awareness while supporting model adoption service programs.

You Gotta Believe is an agency located in Brooklyn, New York, that finds permanent homes for children over the age of ten. Founder Pat O’Brien focused on this group because many agencies found this age group to be unadoptable. Rather that advertising the children to unknown prospective adoptive parents, this agency seeks adults with whom the child already has a relationship, truly a child-centered approach. Adoptions vary from full permanent placements to a permanent mentoring in which the adult is always there for the child. Post-adoption support is an important part of the agency’s mission.

A Place Called Home: An Adoption Story

"Must-see" award-winning documentary DVD on the second largest family adoption in US history. The heartwarming and down-to-earth story of one family's struggle to adopt nine children in the face of overwhelming odds. Sensitive and affectionate in its portrayal, the film chronicles the evolution of the adoption in the home and in the courts from moments of doubt to hope and triumph. A rare glimpse into the emotional bonding of two families. For more information and how to order, go to:

The National Foster Parent Coalition for Allegation Reform

This site is a "must" for foster parents who feel falsely accused of child abuse. Foster parents are understandably held to a higher standard than other parents. All agencies have specific policies on discipline which do not involve criminal child abuse. However, when a policy violation is substantiated, these foster parents are labeled as child abusers and put on a statewide public list which has cost many their jobs in public service. In other words, for an administrative/ contract violation, the state applies a criminal-sized penalty.

The site has multiple references for parents falsely accused, and a chat room on "Foster Parent Allegations" where one may post a problem and get expert advice. A good source to answer the question: What can I do when I am falsely accused of child abuse?

American Immigration Center

Adoption is a highly compassionate and rewarding act and in recent years it has become more and more popular to adopt from foreign countries. This process presents its own difficulties and complications and it requires prospective parents to spend quite a bit of time researching so that they can be sure that everything develops smoothly. This link describes how to proceed.

American Immigration Center

Attorney Peter A. Kenny – Family Law, Adoption Law, Foster Care Policy and Law

Attorney Kenny has 12 years of experience focusing on foster care and adoption law. He is the Executive Director of ACT and co-author of The Right to a Permanent Home and the Foster Parents’ Daily Journal. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.