Who Is My Mother?

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She was six when she came to us.

She had been in foster care since she was two; her foster mother became ill.

She was going to be re-unified....someday.

We were snuggled down reading a bedtime story when she suddenly announced,

“When I go back to my mother, I’m never going to visit you again.”

How does a six-year-old deal with too-unwieldy emotions?

A mom who bore her wants her love, but sees her only two hours a week--supervised.

A foster mom cared for her for two-thirds of her life; we visit her too.

Now a new foster mom; how does she fit in?

Who Is My Mother? asks the children’s book.

Who Is My Mother? asks our little foster daughter.

“I’m never going to visit you again,” she said.

Forced, she felt, to choose among too many loves.

“I’m never going to visit you again.”

And she never did.