Courts Have the Final Word

Justice delayed is justice denied.
(William Gladstone, British Prime Minister)

Presenting Bonding in Court

"We have had Briana for 19 months, since she was five weeks old,” related Jan Craft, foster mom. “We asked our caseworker if we could adopt her, but the caseworker told us that the parental rights had not yet been terminated. As soon as that happened, an elderly grandmother from several states away expressed an interest in adopting Briana. Grandmother had never seen her. We have become very attached to Briana and she to us. She has lived with us for almost her entire life. We love her and want to continue to be her parents.” The Crafts can pursue their wish to adopt Briana in court. While the termination and adoption may be disputed, bonding is on their side and will be a key issue in the court hearing.