Bonding and the Case for Permanence


Preventing Mental Illness, Crime, and Homelessness Among Children in Foster Care and Adoption


A Guide for Attorneys, Judges, Therapists and Child Welfare Workers


By James Kenny, PhD, and Lori Groves, MMFT

The full text of this book is available free of charge from this website. James Kenny continues to update the book as time permits. Printed copies of the book may also be purchased online here: Bonding and the Case for Permanence (

This book is a must for...

  • Parents and foster/adopt parents: how to deal with attachment problems
  • Mental Health Professionals: How to do a Bonding Assessment and treat Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Child Welfare Departments: Policy changes and case work practice that can lead to earlier permanence
  • Attorneys: How to effectively represent foster parents and present bonding to courts
  • Judges: Important thoughts on blood relationships versus bonding and some recent Appellate Court decisions on the matter
  • Everyone: An awakening to the plight of our most vulnerable citizens