Appendix G: A Daily Journal for Foster Parents

How Does This Benefit the Parent?

  • Keeping a daily journal is the number one way foster parents can prepare for case conferences and/or help their attorney make their case in court. Judges can make decisions about a child’s case plan only based on what is presented in court.
  • The book is a handy reminder to keep regular notes on their foster child. In addition, it includes much valuable information in the Appendices.
  • Foster parents can use the journal to record school reports, medical and counseling appointments, good and bad behavior, and to document any controversies or allegations.

Key Features

  • Contains simple instructions on how to keep a journal, what and what not to put in, and ample space for daily notes.
  • Quarterly outlines for summarizing information for case conferences and court hearings.
  • An inside-cover pocket to hold receipts for reimbursable expenses.
  • An Appendix with critical information on discipline, life books, treating the detached child, how to prevent and survive allegations, and many other important issues on foster care and adoption.
  • The cover and appendices can be customized to meet the wishes of any public or private agency. Specific forms and policies can be added.


Single copies of the Daily Journal are inexpensive. The cost goes down considerably with orders of 50 copies or more.

More Information

Access the ACT website at

To Order

Please call 800-705-7526 or email [email protected] for more information about customizing your journal and/or to order. Ask for Paul.