Appendix E: Initial Plan for Family Reunification

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The CPS case worker will complete the following plan within 24 hours of removing a child from the home and will present the plan to the parents. The purpose is to identify those specific reasons why the child was removed and allow the parents to begin immediately to work toward their child’s return. This plan may be modified and expanded at the first official hearing. With this initial plan, however, parents have the immediate opportunity to demonstrate their good will.

1)  HEALTH OF BIRTH PARENT Date to be completed:

Medical evaluation and/or treatment

Mental health evaluation and/or treatment

Drug screening

Attend AA or alcohol education classes


2)  CHANGE OF RESIDENCE Date to be completed: 

Move to acceptable housing

Separate from abusive person


3) EMPLOYMENT Date to be completed :

Show number of jobs applied for each day

Obtain a job by

Hold a job for           week


4) KNOWLEDGE OF THE CHILD Date to be completed:

Complete developmental child history


5) PARENT TRAINING Date to be completed:

Classes Attended

Observation with foster parent

Volunteer time:           hours at daycare center

Self-taught video or computer program


6) VISITATION To begin by date



How Often?

Birth parent			Caseworker