Appendix D: Quarterly Summary for Case Conferences and Court Hearings

This summary can be used to inform the judge at a court review hearing, to update the caseworker, or simply to organize the foster parents’ own thinking.

CHILD’S NAME______________ DATE ___________ GENERAL: Tell what has gone on with your foster child. Mention any problems. SCHOOL: Tell your child’s grades and behavior. Attach a report card. MEDICAL: Note any illnesses, injuries, or medical problems. Give dates of doctor visits. DENTAL AND EYE CARE: List any dentist or optometrist visits. Give the results. COUNSELING: List visits to the therapist and tell of your foster child’s progress. Ask the therapist for a written summary. FOSTER HOME: Tell how your child has adjusted and gotten along in your home. SOCIAL SKILLS: Tell how your foster child has gotten along with others his or her age. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Note any activities or hobbies that your foster child enjoys. VISITATION: List visits with the birth family and tell how they have gone. Give facts, not your opinion. CASEWORKER: Tell about your relationship with the child welfare department. Mention what issues you would like to discuss at the next case conference. ANYTHING ELSE that you believe is important. SIGNATURE OF FOSTER PARENT _____________________