A Kid Without a Home

Remember me?

I was your foster kid a few years back when I was 15 year old.

I was pretty ornery, and I didn’t much like all your rules.

At 16 I couldn’t wait to be emancipated, to be independent, to be able to do anything that I wanted.

At 17 I hardly followed your rules. I was almost emancipated.

Now I’ve been emancipated for two years.

I know how to balance a checkbook, but I don’t have enough money to have a checking account.

I know how to cook eggs, but I can’t cook because I can’t afford a place with akitchen.

I wish I had someone to celebrate with when I land a job.

I wish I had someone to care about me when I have a sore throat and a fever.

I wish I had somewhere to go for Thanksgiving.

I wish I had someone to buy presents for at Christmas.

I wish I had a permanent home.